🛑Hold Up Sis! Before you get surgery, there’s a few things to consider!

🛑Hold Up Sis! Before you get surgery, there’s a few things to consider!

Keep it 100! Why do you really want to get cosmetic surgery ❓
➖Your reason for permanently changing your body can make the difference between a successful result and lifelong regret. You should never change yourself to keep a boyfriend, fit in your social circle, look like a Instagram model, or in response to a major event(like a bad breakup).The best reasons are because it’s something you’ve been thinking about for a long time and you want to do it for yourself.

Exactly what do you want to fix by getting cosmetic surgery ❓
➖ the happiest plastic surgery patients are those who use it to fix a specific issue and who are doing it as a way to normalize their body, not necessarily enhance it.

Have you tried any non surgical body enhancements❓
➖There are many methods to enhancing the body naturally. From supplements to non surgical procedures such as body sculpting.

Do you know the risks❓
➖ First and foremost, you could die. It’s very rare, but this is major surgery and has the same risks.Other risks of plastic surgery include infection, bleeding, scarring, and blood clots (which can also be fatal). In addition, about 5 percent of patients will need or want more surgery because they’re not satisfied with the results or because there was a complication.Corrective surgery can be costly and painful, and the results aren’t guaranteed. Also, if you’re a smoker, well, don’t even walk in the door until you’ve quit, says Doctor Neinstein. Nicotine interferes with blood supply, he says, making surgery a no-go.

Did you do your homework ❓
➖Besides finding a doctor with a good reputation, which is important. What type of procedure are you looking for? How much money will it cost? Do you have enough time off work? Do you have people who can help care for you after? Can you afford to fix it if something goes wrong? Make a checklist of all of the above!

So now that we’ve had our chat, take time to think and put in the necessary planning to reach your body goals💗.

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