How To Hypnotize Your Man Forever!!

How To Hypnotize Your Man Forever!!

Sugarcane, honey, clove, and ginger

First boil the sugar cane,cloves,ginger and honey for like 30 mins, let it cool can take it as water.It will increase v-moisture and enable u satisfy ur partner.

pineapple juice(you can add sugar or honey to it, and it will boost vaginal fluid)
coconut water
tigernut juice
watermelon juice

Vaginal tightening:
Aloe vera can be used for vaginal tightening
U rub it der leave for 20 min then use warm water to wash it off.

 Vaginal Tightners
Ways to tighten the vagina 
1.Bagaruwa powder:
Get a good soft bagaruwa powder and mix it with honey it will be sticky, insert it. It’s a very herbal tightner or you can mix the powder with a vaseline.In 4 to 5 days u'll see changes

You'll get your cloves get a small bottle put them inside and add water leave it for like 3days you'll notice the water will change to brown ,use that water and wash the Vagina, beside tightening its very good in treating vaginal odor, it will give you a pleasant scent.

Vaginal odor
It's an oily substance with zero harm it has a very pleasant scent you insert it at nite or in the morning..its👌🏻or after mensuration. It takes away odor.

:Names of some spices
2. Fenugreek 
3. Scent leaf 
4. Cinnamon 
5. Potash 
6. Mint leaf 
7. Pumpkin 
8. Bitter leaf 
9. Spring onions 
10. Sesame 
11. Tamarind 
12. Jute leaf 
13. Garlic 
14. Nutmeg 
15. Ginger 
16. Moringa 
17. Turmeric 
18. Locust Beans 
19. Chilli 
20. Egg plant leaf 
21. Cress 
22. Honey Locust 
23. Baobab Leaf 
24. Jujube Powder 
25. Spinach 


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