Self Care Sunday: Mom-Shaming Is Real!

Self Care Sunday: Mom-Shaming Is Real!

🌞Self Care Sunday🌞

Let’s Discuss Mom-Shaming..

Have you ever felt shamed for a decision you made as a mother?..

📈One statistic given says that over 80% of women have been shamed for how they chose to parent their children.

🗣Mom shaming actually can come in all forms. From a friend, a parent or a family member.

📚According to Psychology Today Here Are 10 Ways To Deal With Mother-Shaming⤵️

1.Accept the fact that being a parent who is not judged, at least in some way, is probably unlikely. In other words, expect to be challenged so you won’t be surprised or caught off guard when it happens.

2.Understand that judging and criticizing makes some people feel better. Your mother, for example, may assert herself only to feel involved.

3.Keep ears perked for critics who dispatch information just to hear themselves talk—the know-it-alls.

4.“Mom shaming” is often a cover for someone’s own insecurities or guilt about things they wish they had done differently. For some, who may have older kids, transmitting advice is a way to have a vicarious “do-over.”

5.Stick with your supporters and reduce the time you spend with those who judge you—be they family or friends.

6.Accept that some days you will feel as if you messed up. No one is perfect; almost all parents make mistakes (perceived or real) now and again.

7.Use your sense of humor as armor against judgment. What your butting-in critics say may even become laughable in a year or two.

8.Don’t be influenced by friends whose parenting looks seamless and easy—what you see especially online is often a smokescreen.

9.What you take as judgment may be ignorance. Close family members may not know your history or why, for instance, you don’t breastfeed or have more children or why you discipline your children as you do.

10.You know your child better than anyone else. Be confident about what you believe is best for your child and you, not what others believe—and say—you should be doing.

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