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Gorontula Fruit

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Includes 5 Gorontula Fruits

✨Helps with vaginal lubrication

✨Helps Boost Fertility

✨Helps Increases Your Libido

✨Helps with Vaginal Odor

✨Helps With Vaginal Tightening

✨Helps With Infections 

The easiest  way to use Gorontula is by chewing it when it is ripe, they are chewed like bubble gum producing a sweet taste. You can as well chew the flesh of the fruit raw, after extracting the seed.

Also, the fruits could be soaked in a small amount of water overnight. When it is soaked, it is easier to extract from the fruit using water. Don’t forget to add honey for sweetener. You can soak momentarily and let your fruit get soft.This is probably why it is given the name African Chewing gum. Some people dry them and reconstitute later.

Goron Tula is one of the most powerful and fast Working aphrodisiacs. It helps cure lots of diseases but most commonly used for upgrading a woman's vagina.

Or go through this process, wash the Goron Tula thoroughly to cleanse any dirt on it, put it in a pot with clean water and bring it to boil for 30minutes. After it is well cooked, peel off the outer cover and chew the inner portion.

You can choose to take 2 pieces every day so that it prepares you in waiting for possible pleasurable penetration. Make sure to live a generally healthy lifestyle by exercising, keeping your body hydrated and feeding more on raw foods instead of fried ones and many sugary foods.

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