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60 Capsules

This capsule is a clinical-strength butt enhancement solution, utilizing a unique blend of natural ingredients aguaje and exoctic herbs known for their ability to postively influence the butt tissue. The Booty Pill is the safe and effective choice for those looking to increase butt to big size.

 Ingredients: Passiflora Edulis, Mauritia Flexuoesa, Trigonella Foenum-Graecum,Lepidium Meyenii, Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Carrots

Benefits Include: Enhances Hip and Buttocks, Perky Breasts, Enhanced Mood, And Weight again In Specific Areas Like The Hips And Buttock.

How To Use:

Take 1 Capsule 30 Minutes Prior To Eating. For Maximum Results Take Up To 2 Capsules Daily. Exercise Is Not Mandatory To See Results With This Product But Recommended Based On Your Body Type.

If You Are Taking Any Medication Or Have Any Medical Condition Please Consult With Doctor Before Use. 

 See results in 3 weeks



What They're Saying

Excellent Product. This product really works! No BBL FOR ME. I love it.

(Booty Vitamins)

Shyreka Warren

This pill really works but you have to be consistent while using.

(Booty Vitamins)

Ashley Candy

I love them it really does show improvement within less than a month. Its giving me a nice soft round booty. If you haven't it yet, I say go for it.

(Booty Vitamins)

Drashonna Holland

Results on my butt Ive been taken them for two weeks now ive seen good results so far

(Booty Vitamins)

April Hodges

Moisturization!!Has cleared up my skin tremendously! The glow is UNREAL. Get comments on my skin 24/7! Always shop SavannahCurves!!! Thank you

(Essential Enhancement Oil)

Chyna H.

Love the pills This like my third bottle I love it.

(Booty Vitamins)

Tierra Keeling

Awesome! It’s was great pills

(Booty Vitamins)

Brittini Bell

Love them.Love these pill they work I feel more full in the breast and very plumped in my butt I’m forever a customer 

(Butt and Breast Duo)

Shanekia Golatt

Curvy spray love it you see results fast i been only using it for a week now.

Tiffany Brown